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Why re-invent the wheel?  Save money and reduce your time to market!

Vehicle and Industrial Network technologies such as CAN and J1850 have changed the face of traditional data acquisition and control, from Automobiles to the Factory Floor.  

CubicLabs is the leading provider of Vehicle Network Bus technologies for OEM's and VAR's.

CubicLabs offers a full line of products and services which range from corporate branding and private labeling of our complete product line to providing you with functional subsystems for inclusion in your existing or new products.

Companies wishing to license our BusAdapter or SenseNET technology will appreciate the flexible and cost effective Licensing Plans, which enable them to manufacture and distribute products on their own.

Find out how CubicLabs can help you increase your sales, penetrate new markets, and blow away your competition.  Speak with us today at (734) 426-0872.


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