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CubicLabs has more experience providing precision vehicle network data conversion than any other manufacturer.   

16 Bit Analog and 20kHz Frequency Outputs (up to 24) Work With Any Analog Data Acquisition Equipment

        Gain easy access to ANY vehicle bus data by plugging the NC1 into your vehicle’s OBD connector!  Just one standard J1962 cable will supply Engine RPM, Speed, Throttle, Temperature and thousands of additional vehicle parameters. Use the Free Microsoft Windows NC1Config application software to configure the NC1 over its built-in RS-232 serial port for stand-alone  operation. Save your NC1 firmware and configuration settings in the NC1’s FLASH memory for unattended operation.  Scale and convert your automotive bus data for real time data streaming to any analog, pulse or digital data acquisition system with the NC1.

Quick and Easy Tachometer for NVH Equipment

The NC1 is the best way for you to get Engine Tachometer pulses for your existing data acquisition equipment.  The NC1 digital pulse outputs are perfect for Noise Vibration and Harshness (NVH) test labs who need to correlate measurements with vehicle RPM.  By using the NC1 with digital outputs, there is no need to wire discrete sensors into a vehicle to provide tachometer pulses.  Simply plug the NC1 into the vehicle OBD network port to reliably and accurately supply data to the tachometer input for audio data recorders and vibration data acquisition systems.

Automatic OBD Detect

The NC1 automatically determines vehicle network type, and automatically retrieve and process any network data, such as Vehicle Speed, RPM, or other legislated manufacturer network data.  The NC1 also may be used to request,  monitor, and process any manufacturer’s proprietary network data.

Automatic PID Retrieval

The NC1 automatically detects and supports any OBD network type, including ISO-9141, Keyword 2000, OBD CAN, J1850 PWM and VPW, J1939, and J1708.  The NC1 is the only vehicle network interface which can automatically retrieve any legislated PID data such as Vehicle Speed without having to reprogram the data logger hardware each time the product is used in a new or different vehicle network type.

Works in Any OBD-2 Vehicle

Other vehicle network interfaces work with only  specific manufacturers and vehicle models, or require       cumbersome reprogramming to support different vehicles. The NC1 easily works with any vehicle, regardless of make or model.

Set It and Forget It

Once you choose to request a specific data item, such as RPM or Vehicle Speed, for example, you never need to reprogram the NC1 again.  Simply plug the NC1 Network Converter into the On Board Diagnostic (OBD) connector of any vehicle – regardless of make and model – and instantly begin accessing your data without any additional device setup, programming, or driver intervention of any kind.



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