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Programmable Engine and Waveform Controller

  • Peak / Hold, Saturation, and Segmented Waveform Drivers

  • Expandable Analog and Digital Trigger and Encoder Inputs

  • Powerful Windows Based Control Software

  • CAN, J1850, ISO 9141 Support

  • Compatible With Your Existing Hardware and Software

 Use FireLynx for Direct Injection and Saturation Injection applications that require accurate and flexible control with programmable output drive. Custom software is also available.




FireLynx is a programmable engine controller is a rugged programmable output controller designed to operate in extreme environments from 40 to +75 Degrees Celsius. Channels have built-in over-voltage, over-current and over-temperature protection. When used as a fuel injector controller for life cycle and performance test stands, FireLynx is well suited for any application requiring independent waveform control of multiple output channels. FireLynx requires no output amplification with the internal 1 AMP per channel drivers or 3 AMP per channel low-side external driver card. FireLynx output capacity is 12 channels internal and up to 600 channels external. Output channels are independently actuated with a 0.01ms resolution. Independent output waveform control of each channel is easily set up using the supplied FireLynx Windows setup and control program. Once the setup of the FireLynx is complete, simply disconnect from the host computer and operate FireLynx in a fully functional stand-alone mode. Programmable waveform options include sequential, cascaded, banked and arbitrary. Input voltage is 9 to 30VDC and output driver voltage can be configured to be derived from the input supply voltage or the built-in 5V power supply for TTL level interfacing. External user supplied drive voltages may also be used in the range of 3 to 36VDC. Front panel display of RPM or Period is viewable from a great distance using the bright 5 digit 7 segment High-Intensity LED display. All Input Trigger functions are included in the FireLynx control software. Optional Pulse, Analog & Frequency Input Adapter Cards provide external trigger capabilities for interfacing with any external encoder.



Key Benefits

  • Direct Injection fuel injector controller for multiple injector test stands
  • Programmable engine controller with pulse inputs for triggering
  • 12 independent push-pull outputs at 1 Ampere Each
  • 40 channels of external outputs at 3 Amperes each, expandable to 600 channels
  • 100 Volt 20 Ampere linear amplifiers for peak/hold and segmented Voltage and Current drive applications.



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