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    FleetRecorder Data Logger

The FleetRecorder has built-in GPS, accelerometer, 2 CAN network interfaces, 4 analog inputs, 2 digital inputs, and ethernet port. Removable SD memory cards (up to 32GB) are used for data storage. FleetRecorder has an optional waterproof enclosure.

    NC2 CAN + OBD Network Data Converter

Add Vehicle Network based Data Acquisition to your existing fleet data acquisition systems for under $1000.00 (qty 25) with the NC2 (no display).  Great for NVH Tachometer applications.

SenseNET CANpod Wireless and USB Interface

The award winning SenseNET CANpod Module features all of the connectivity required to implement powerful and inexpensive in-vehicle solutions for military and commercial applications.  SenseNET CANpod is currently in use in military vehicle applications requiring both wired and unwired sensor network connectivity and support.  Commercial applications for SenseNET CANpod provide Vehicle Network connectivity with 802.11b/g WiFi wireless networks as well as direct connection with GPS receivers, vehicle sensors and operator display and data entry consoles.  The SenseNET CANpod Module can also be connected directly to the vehicle electrical system to place knob values, switch positions and meter values on the CAN or Wireless Network.


                                       Vehicle Network Simulators

  Simulate vehicle network messaging for OBD CAN, J1939 CAN, J1708, J1850 VPW & PWM, ISO-9141 and KW2000 with OBDsim or TruckSIM.


NC1 CAN + OBD Network Data Converter

Get RPM, Speed, Absolute throttle position and many other vehicle parameters in real-time from your vehicle's standard OBD connector.  The NC1 works with ANY OBD2 equipped vehicle.  Works with ANY standard data acquisition equipment.


FireLynx Engine Controller

The fully programmable FireLynx control module is used for Engine Development, Test and Control as well as directing the real time operation of Fuel Injector Test Stands


FV Family of Integrated Frequency to Voltage Converters

The FV Frequency to Voltage Converter Module provides a convenient method of converting up to six frequency signals to analog voltages that can be fed into common data acquisition equipment.



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